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Avital Barak is an art curator and a scholar of culture, movement, and performance. Since 2024, she has been a research fellow at CineLab/IFILNOVA, NOVA University Lisbon. Her Ph.D. focused on the varieties of resistance visible in manifestations of movement in the public space. Her curatorial work includes exhibitions based on research, public events, and leading transdisciplinary research groups. In the last decade, she curated solo exhibitions and group exhibitions based on research in Israel and abroad and published articles in prominent journals and publications in Hebrew and English.
Since 2017, she has been co-developing a method of ״collective investigation״ at the Institute of Public Presence. A method based on accumulating collective knowledge based on group encounters, free of hierarchy and leadership. This method is based on artistic research practices, spatial and virtual wandering, and transdisciplinary gathering. 


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